About Quintessence Caviar

Quintessence Caviar is a family owned and operated caviar house and specialty gourmet food product manufacturer and distributor. We started humbly as a sturgeon caviar importer in Montreal, Canada in 2012, today Q Caviar is present on four continents and strives to provide only the highest quality sturgeon caviar selections to all its clients worldwide. Quintessence Caviar is proud to have one of the widest selection of sturgeon caviar species in the world, from our world acclaimed Italian farmed sturgeon caviar to our very rare wild Canadian sturgeon caviar.

The Quintessence Caviar family travels the globe to bring the best caviar and food products to fine dinning tables around the world. We put a big emphasis on local Canadian products as well as sustainable seafood products. We strive to work directly with farmers and fisherman to offer them the best value for their products. Look for our range of fine gourmet product at a retailer near you or simply order them directly from our website and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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